Our Purpose

The Fundamental Evangelistic Association (FEA) was organized by seven godly men on April 17, 1928, and incorporated as a tax-exempt, religious nonprofit organization in 1929. The purpose of the FEA from its inception was to boldly preach the gospel, teach God’s Word, and contend for the faith. It continues to do the same today, a miracle of God’s grace and keeping in a day of increasing apostasy and compromise.

Our ministries

With praise to God, we look back and see that many people have been evangelized and discipled; millions of gospel tracts and informational leaflets have been printed and distributed; Foundation magazine has informed and encouraged God’s people since 1980; Feature: A Daily Bible Study Guide has guided believers into a study of God’s Word since 1987. The hands of faithful Christians around the world have been strengthened, and a number of independent, fundamental churches have been organized. The radio and internet ministries have also been a blessing to believers around the world and have resulted in many wonderful decisions for Christ and contacts with fellow Christians of like faith and practice.

Our work here has never been large in the eyes of men, and perhaps this is one reason why it has remained true to the Word while larger organizations have slipped away into apostasy or compromise. “And seekest thou great things for thyself?” God says, “Seek them not” (Jeremiah 45:5). As we look back over the past nine decades, we have seen how the Lord has closed some doors and opened others. While the avenues through which God’s Word is proclaimed have shifted, the forthright message has remained the same. The FEA is committed, as it always has been, to “preaching the gospel, teaching the Word, and contending for the faith.” The FEA has sought to be true, not large; faithful, not popular; believing, not faithless. We thank God that our love for lost souls has not slackened, nor has our opposition to false doctrine weakened over the years.

Because we are an independent ministry not dependent on advertisers, denominational funds, fundraising programs, or outside revenue, support from those individuals and churches who agree with our position and see a need for this ministry is of great importance. The FEA is truly a month-by-month faith ministry. The immediate future presents the greatest challenges in our history. We ask for your prayers, and we pray for your fellowship in this ministry.

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