Foundation magazine

Foundation Magazine

Foundation is a quarterly publication that contains information concerning the doctrinal and theological issues facing the church today., instructional and devotional articles and Bible studies written by fundamentalists of the past and present, and current religious news items and commentary designed to keep the believer up-to-date. Foundation has been published since 1980 and is a valuable resource for every believer.

feature daily bible study

Feature is a quarterly Bible study guide that seeks to guide the Christian into the milk and meat of God’s Word each day. Providing more than just a “thought for the day”, it challenges the reader to truly meditate on the Word of God, understand what the text is saying, and then victoriously apply those truths to daily life and ministry. Feature uses only the King James Version and is also available in bulk quantities.

the bright spot

The Bright Spot is a quarterly publication written for elementary-age young people. It aims to provide children with a magazine that will help them dig into their Bibles and grow in Christ. It can also be used by Sunday school teachers and camp or Christian school workers. Each issue includes Bible lessons, practical applications for following God’s Word in everyday life, ideas for devotions and Bible memory, and activities and puzzles.

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