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Why We Do Not Fellowship With Some Men and Movements

This double-sided card gives ten Scripture-based reasons for why a faithful Christian or ministry separates from those who do not hold to the truth of God’s Word. As timely today as it was when it was written by the F.E.A. founder in 1935. (Pack of 10)

Why I Am a Fundamentalist

A classic sermon that champions the cause of true fundamentalism. It takes a look at important definitions and facts, describes “fundamentalists” in the Old and New Testament and shows why Bible fundamentals are worth fighting for. (Pack of 10)

What is Worship?

An excellent Bible study on the true definition of worship: 1. Whom should we worship? 2. Why should we worship? 3. How should we worship? and 4. When should we worship? (Pack of 10)

What Is the Difference Between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity?

A 32-page booklet comparing Mormonism and Biblical Christianity; written for those who have accepted Mormonism and also for those who have not. Views compared include teachings on the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, sin and salvation, with resources cited.

(Pack of 5)

What is Biblical Fundamentalism All About?

Biblical fundamentalism is something that is misunderstood today. This leaflet takes a look at what defines the essence of true, biblical fundamentalism: 1. Love for God and others,  2. obedience to God’s Word, and 3. loyalty to God Himself. (Pack of 10)

What Does the Bible Say About the Charismatic Movement?

This leaflet gives a brief history of the charismatic movement and then presents ten major reasons why it is unbiblical, looking at its doctrines and practices in light of Scripture and stressing the need to sound a warning against it. (Pack of 10)

What Does the Bible Say About Separation?

This leaflet presents what the Bible says about separation, a doctrine based on one of God’s essential attributes: His holiness. Examines the practice of separation from worldliness, false teachers, disobedient brethren, and gives scriptural basis for its vital purpose in a believer’s life. (Pack of 10)

What About Modern Bible Versions?

The Bible is the most wonderful and precious book in the world. But does it matter what version is used by today’s Christian? This 16 page booklet examines more than 10 of the modern versions  of the English Bible and explains why absolute truth exists and why it DOES matter what version is used. (Pack of 5)

What About Cremation?

Is it proper to be cremated after we die? Should we purposely burn the dead and spread their ashes? Are there any reasons why we should not be cremated after death? Full of Scripture, this article addresses these questions from a biblical perspective. (Pack of 5)

We Shall Be Saved, Even as They

A consideration of Peter’s message to the household of Cornelius in Acts chapter10; answers those who believe there are many “gospel’s today and teaches why believers must stand firm on the gospel of the Bible that teaches only one way of salvation. (Pack of 10)

The Worry Habit and Its Awful Toll

A scriptural meditation on the sin of anxiety. This helpful message describes worry: its senselessness, its sinfulness, and its cure, directing the reader to Christ, our burden-bearer. Excellent encouragement for those believers who are lacking daily peace due to struggles with worry and anxiety. (Pack of 10)

The Word at Work

A verse-by-verse study of the 19th Psalm, highlighting the power and blessing that comes from the Word of God at work in the believer’s life, and challenging the reader to live according to the will of God as revealed in its pages. (Pack of 10)

The Role of Women in the Local Church

Does God’s Word allow a woman to serve as a pastor in the church? This study in the pastoral epistles examines this question, giving historical background and a Biblical answer to the question of women in the local church. (Pack of 5)

The Glorious Fact of the Resurrection

A correct understanding of the resurrection is of great importance in a day when so many professing Christians differ as to its meaning and worth. This leaflet is packed with Scripture passages supporting Christ’s resurrection as a glorious FACT! (Pack of 10)

The Fiery Trial

Why do the righteous suffer? This leaflet examines God’s purpose for the “fiery trials” that believers encounter in their lives; a challenge to discover that purpose, to rest in God’s promises, to come forth the finer, and to patiently wait upon Him. (Pack of 10)

The Eternal Security of the Children of God

This invaluable tract lists 28 Scripture passages that solidly state why the true child of God is forever saved and eternally secure. (Pack of 10)

The Essence of the Emerging Church

A 16-page booklet that examines the emerging church movement from a Biblical perspective. Based on reading, research and personal observations, this reflection on the emerging church is helpful in understanding this new movement. (Pack of 5)

The Drift of the Times

An article written by C. H. Spurgeon as his personal statement explaining his reasons for separation from a compromising body. He describes biblical separation as “not alone our privilege, but our duty.” (Pack of 10)

The Choice is Ours

The story of young King Joash and his instruction under Jehoiada the priest. Important lessons in a concise tract that encourage believers to stay faithful under all circumstances and make godly choices. This is also an excellent tract to share with Christian young people. (Pack of 10)

The Calamity of Cultural Conformity

A Bible study highlighting Israel’s conformity to the pagan culture around them in Ezra’s time and the similar threats in the world facing the church today. This tract challenges God’s people to godly discernment and holy living in the midst of today’s “pop” culture. (Pack of 10)

The Bible vs. Psychology

This leaflet contrasts the Bible (the Word of God) and psychology (the words of men). It gives four reasons for the danger of psychology and then examines key questions, giving Biblical answers and contrasting them with psychology’s claims. (Pack of 10)

The Bible / Detour

Side one: eight characteristics of the Word of God in the believer’s life. Side two: God is the author of detours! Encouragement for the believer who may be having difficulty dealing with the unexpected circumstances of life. (Pack of 10)

Thanks Be Unto God for His Unspeakable Gift

A beautiful tract made up almost entirely of Scripture; describes Jesus Christ as God’s “unspeakable gift” — His birth, His death, His fulfillment of God’s perfect sacrifice for man’s sin. (Pack of 10)

Straightforwardness or Subterfuge?


A two-sided card with a simple message: our command by God and our personal responsibility to Him and others is to proclaim the gospel message by life and lip. There is no place for gimmicks, deception, easy-believism or worldly tactics when it comes to sharing His message of salvation. (Pack of 10)

Stand and Serve Upon the Rock!

A double-sided card that expands on the encouragement as found in 1 Corinthinians 16:13-14 — “Watch ye,” “Stand fast in the faith,” “Quit you like men,” “Be strong,” and “Let all your things be done with charity.” (Pack of 10)

Sense vs. Sentiment

A two-sided card with a timely message by Rev. T. C. Horton. In our superficial age, we need to guard against losing our balance. Love is not a sentiment, but a principle, unchanging and exemplified by God in His Word. (Pack of 10)

Precious Promises

Over two dozen Scripture passages highlighting a few of the many “precious promises” from God’s Word. An excellent tract to include in greeting cards and care packages and to share with those needing special encouragement in difficult times. (Pack of 10)

Pleasing Men, or God? / Three Men in a Tub

Side one: God is looking for those who possess convictions and are unafraid to stand for them. Side two: an E. J. Pace cartoon and a short article by Pastor M. H. Reynolds Sr. highlighting verses that support the Bible’s claim that its very words, not simply its thoughts, are inspired. (Pack of 10)

Nothing to Pay / A Penitent’s Hymn

Side one: an E. J. Pace cartoon illustrating that our sin debt is paid in full, with appropriate verses of Scripture cited. Side two: a poem written by Horatius Bonar describing the sinner’s lost state and the Savior’s great love. (Pack of 10)


New Evangelicalism Is Dangerous

A small leaflet outlining eight characteristics of New Evangelicalism and a corresponding biblical response to each one, with supporting references. (Pack of 10)

Never Too Young, or Old, to Serve / Saved to Serve

Side one: a reminder that the vigor of youth and the wisdom of age both have vital places in God’s work. Side two: an E. J. Pace cartoon with New Testament verses summoning Christians to rise to their calling: saved to serve! (Pack of 10)

Nehemiah: A Consistent Fundamentalist

Nehemiah was a fundamentalist, and the very traits we see characteristic of him are extremely important for present-day fundamentalists to possess. The example of consistency in his life and ministry is sketched out in this helpful study. (Pack of 10)

My Heart’s Desire and Prayer to God for Israel

A short but truth-packed walk through Romans chapter 10 that highlights the grace of God towards the Jew and the Gentile alike. A wonderful message to share with Jewish friends. (Pack of 10)

Keep Your Eyes on the Lord

A card with a short message from Hebrews 12:1-3; encouragement for the child of God to keep his focus on the Lord and His word, regardless of those around him who may disappoint or discourage. (Pack of 10)

Keep the Windows Open

A wonderful sermon from Daniel 6 that looks at Daniel’s prayer life, challenging believers to “keep the windows open” and make it a priority for that personal time of quietness with God. (Pack of 5)

It is a Good Thing to Give Thanks

An excellent message to distribute during the Thanksgiving season. It is also a helpful reminder to give thanks throughout the year. (Pack of 10)

How to Live the Christian Life

This tract outlines eight actions that a Christian needs to practice every day in order to live a life that brings honor and glory to God. A simple blueprint for all believers to follow and especially helpful to share with newer Christians. (Pack of 10)

How Do I Measure Up? / “Other Such Like Things Ye Do”

Side one: Do you need a spiritual check up? This card asks 10 questions which a Christian should ask and answer honestly at regular intervals to maintain a healthy walk with God. Side two: a short challenge to search our hearts and avoid being a “pious pretender.” (Pack of 10)

He Is the Way / The Power of One

Side one: Scripture verses and an E. J. Pace cartoon illustrating Jesus Christ as the only way. Side two: we live in a day in which every man tries to pave his own path to God, but the Bible teaches absolutes, and that means only one way to be saved. (Pack of 10)

Have You Received God’s Gift? / The Incomparable Christ

Side one: Scripture passages that describe the most wonderful gift ever given: forgiveness of sin and eternal life! Side two: an eloquently written portrait of our Savior; ideal to share with someone who knows little about the Lord Jesus Christ, His humanity and divinity. (Pack of 10)

Follow Me

A brief exposition of Luke 14:25-33 showing God’s standard of true discipleship. This study considers the high cost of biblical discipleship and outlines three necessary prerequisites to being a true follower of Jesus Christ. (Pack of 10)

Facing Facts / A Trio of Senile Excuses

Side one: “Facing Facts:” a five-point statement showing who we are as sinners, where we stand before an all-holy God, and what is required in order to be saved. Side two: a brief challenge to those who use excuses to put off their acceptance of God’s salvation. (Pack of 10)

Do You Have Peace?

This tract, written by Pastor M. H. Reynolds Jr., presents the “Peace with God” through salvation and the “Peace of God” for the believer each day in Christ. (Pack of 10)

Do We Really Know the Gospel?

We know what it means to be saved, but do we really know how to express the gospel message clearly and concisely? This trifold tract teaches: 1. what the gospel is not, 2. what the gospel is, and 3. how to present the gospel. (Pack of 10)

Dear Friend (Salvation Leaflet)

A beautifully written gospel tract by Dr. Charles J. Woodbridge. It is written in the form of a personal appeal to the reader and is an excellent leaflet for one-on-one evangelism. (Pack of 10)

Comfort Ye My People

A heartfelt exhortation by Pastor M. H. Reynolds Jr. to Christians going through difficult times: physical infirmities, discouragement, heartaches, trials, and temptations; filled with Scripture promises. (Pack of 10)

Christianity Was Born for Endurance / Lord, Keep Us Faithful

Side one: an article by Horatius Bonar, presenting the truth that biblical Christianity is meant for endurance and courage, honest reproof, and gracious boldness. Side two: A poem exhorting believers to return to and stand in the “old paths” of genuine faith, prayer and power. (Pack of 10)

Christ Speaks to the Seven Churches

Christ’s message to the church in the 21st century as drawn from His messages to the seven churches in Revelation chapters 2-3. This Bible study investigates each local church in Asia and Christ’s message to them, applying those truths to believers in their local churches today. (Pack of 5)

Are You at Your Wit’s End?

The 77th Psalm provides invaluable insight for the troubled saint on how to deal with times of discouragement or even overwhelming despondency. A Bible study that sympathizes with those going through hard times and lifts their gaze to the ultimate solution: God! (Pack of 10)

And Now the Good News…!

An excellent, concise gospel tract. It presents the reader with the Bible’s verdict that all have sinned, but then gives the “Good News” that Jesus died for sinners! Great for personal witnessing and evangelistic mailings. (Pack of 10)

A Word for the Times

Jesus warned about false teachers in the last days, and truly our world is filled with them today. This leaflet challenges the reader with the precious truth that the Old Book is still the sure standard for testing the teachings of men. (Pack of 10)

A House of Merchandise

We know what the modern church movements promote, but what does the Bible say about money-making schemes in the Lord’s work? This classic tract is just as relevant today as when it was first written–a needful challenge to those involved in or giving to ministry today. (Pack of 10)

A Coming Moment

The Bible tells us of a soon coming moment: the return of Christ in the clouds to rapture His church. This trifold tract gives a thrilling challenge for believers to joyfully anticipate and live for that coming moment. (Pack of 10)

A Biblical Blueprint for Ministry

Are we doing ministry according to the Word and will of God? What does God’s Word say about how we are to minister to others? This 16-page booklet is a challenge to fundamentalists to abide by God’s rules while accomplishing God’s Work. (Pack of 5)

23 Terms to Know in the 21st Century!

An invaluable resource that gives clear definitions to terms such as: inclusivism, militancy, emerging church, tolerance, religious pluralism, dispensationalism and interfaith relations. Being able to understand and explain key terms is vital for today’s Christian. (Pack of 10)

“The Little Foxes Spoil the Vines” / Soul-Searching

Side one: communion with Christ is to be carefully guarded, especially from those “little” sins that try to interrupt that fellowship. Side two: a poem based on Psalm 139:23-24 about the need to search our hearts to maintain a close, unhindered walk with the Lord. (Pack of 10)