Matt Costella


Generally speaking, the Church Growth/Church Marketing Movement is dangerous because … It is based upon the perceived needs of sinful men rather than upon the eternal declarations of the Word of God (what one desires rather than what one truly needs). It minimizes Biblical doctrine and emphasizes the feelings and emotions of mankind (how one “feels” rather than what one “thinks”). It uses the amusements, fads, philosophies and gimmicks of the world and fails to exhort people to have a different mindset from the world. It changes the message of Christ by focusing primarily upon the “positive” texts of Scripture and frequently neglecting the “negative” words of God. In this manner, the “whole counsel of God” is no longer taught or emphasized. It furthers the agenda of the ecumenical church by encouraging unity with men and ministries that either disbelieve or question God’s Word or that join hands with those…

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